Please Stop 🛑 Emoting All Over Me

Sharing emotions is not about vomiting them all over unsuspecting victims.

Photo by Bernard Hermant on Unsplash

Emotions Are an Internal Communication System

Our emotions are important. They are an internal messaging system. A way that our brain can send us a notification that something requires our attention.

Emotions Are Our Brains Gift to Us

But our emotions are for us. They are not for anybody else. This does not mean we shouldn’t share them. But sharing them in an uncontrollable, vomity way actual undermines and belittles the emotions.

A Solid Example of Emotional Flinging

This is why no one likes witnessing a toddler's tantrum. Because they are uncontrollably sharing their emotions. Toddlers are learning how to handle their emotions. They need help processing them.

Post Emotional Processing

Only after you do the hard work of talking and listening to yourself can you move on to this next step safely. By safely, I mean, without that work, the next steps you take can easily be self-destructive if you have not gone through the work first.

Action May or May Not be Needed

Now you act or don’t act.

Emotional Vomiting Allows You To Skip The Journey

But the Journey is What Leads You to the Best Version of Yourself

Emotional vomiting just tricks you into thinking you dealt with your emotions when you haven’t. Like when you open and read an email. But you don’t do the thing the email says you need to do. But you forget all about the email. Because both your brain and your inbox think you took care of it. The only chance you will remember to go back and take care of it is to mark it “unread”.

A mom who writes, in the cracks of time, between educating, chauffeuring and feeding half a dozen kids. Top writer in Parenting.

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