Parallels Between Cult Technique and our Glorious Education System

How schools provide the 7 steps to starting a cult

Image Credit: Pixabay

Create your own reality

Step 1: “Begin by creating your own reality. You do this by keeping your members away from outsiders.” — Stephen Mason Ph.D.

Be the key to paradise

Step 2: “Next set the leader and his/her inner circle up as the only link to paradise…only they hold the keys to the kingdom.” — Stephen Mason Ph.D.

More, more, more

Step 3: “Remember to make increasing demands.” — Stephen Mason Ph.D.

The key to happiness

Step 4: “Keep turning out stories about the greatness of the leader.” — Stephen Mason Ph.D.

Condemn outsiders

Step 5: “Remember to use your converts to bring in more converts.” — Stephen Mason Ph.D.

Don’t allow time for reflection

Step 6: “Keep everybody busy.” — Stephen Mason Ph.D.

Happily ever after is just around the corner

Step 7: “And finally, keep your flock fixated on the carrot.” — Stephen Mason Ph.D.

Do we love freedom or brainwashing?

More laws do not equal better outcomes

Our kids are not just miserable, they are actually killing themselves

Even shadows of cult techniques can be psychologically devastating

Do not confuse free enterprise with monopolies

Do we want to keep raising generations who have been conditioned to be nothing more than a follower?

A mom who writes, in the cracks of time, between educating, chauffeuring and feeding half a dozen kids. Top writer in Parenting.

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