Harnessing Your Super Parent Powers

Little things you can do every day to be an awesome parent

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1. Listen (you have to use more than your ears)

We can start by listening to our kids. But the thing about kids is that they do not have refined communication skills, and even if they did, they often don’t even know what it is they need. Their self-awareness is still developing. So being ‘in tune’ with your kids does not just mean listening to their words.

“Actions speak louder than words.”

We need to look at this phrase from the other side with kids. It is not just our actions that will be louder than our words, but it is also our kids actions, which we should learn to hear more than their words. What are their actions telling us? Because they may not have the words. They may not even have the thoughts. And if they try to use words, they may get it all wrong. Because they are not expert communicators yet. Surely, we all know adults who struggle to understand and communicate their needs with their loved ones?

How much harder is it for kids?

Listen again (your child is not the only one you need to listen to)

Sometimes you cannot expect to distill what your child needs into words…you just know. That is parental intuition and we should all be talking about and respecting that tool much more than we do. Parenting books can be handy for tips, tricks, ideas, and contemplations. But they can never replace the parent’s intuition. We should never follow the advice of ‘parenting guru’ when it is flying in the face of what our own intuition about our child is telling us right now.

And listen again (the world is more than you and your child)

And this brings me to a third part of the listening equation. Parents need to listen to other parents. We need to support each other in our parenting decisions. Part of this support is being able to tell our stories and our struggles and troubleshoot problems with each other.


Read stories to your kids

A mom who writes, in the cracks of time, between educating, chauffeuring and feeding half a dozen kids. Top writer in Parenting. https://www.jumpintogenius.com

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